Italy, here I come!

Ciao! Hello! The past few months have been hectic for me as I have been completing my senior year of high school. So here is a quick little overview. . .
For my gold award I created a Saturday event for kids in grades K-5 and an after school program for kids grades 3-5. They learned about different languages, cultures, languages, etc. I also spoke to roughly 100 high schoolers about different travel opportunities.

I also became a Rotary Youth Exchange Ambassador and will be spending the 2017-2018 school year in Italy. I will be living with a native Italian family and going to an Italian high school to experience the Italian language and culture. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and would like to help anyone interested in having an opportunity like this. You can click this link to find out how.

I have been accepted into American University in Washington D.C and Ohio University in Athens! I will decide which one I want to go to after my year abroad. I am planning on going into the medical field or the business field.

I am finished with my Girl Scout Gold Award; I just need to submit my final paperwork and wait for the board to approve the completion of my project.

There is the quick scoop on my life!


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