Hello & Goodbye

First thing I do before I travel to a new country is learn how to say hello and goodbye. This shows the people in your host country respect and helps open up the lines of communication. Here are a few greetings and farewells from across the world. (Links have pronunciations.)

German: Hello – Hallo      Goodbye – Auf Wiedersehen

Spanish: Hello – Hola       Goodbye – Adiós

French: Hello – Bonjour   Goodbye – Au Revoir

Italian: Hello – Ciao           Goodbye – Arrivederci

Finnish: Hello – Hei           Goodbye – Hyvästi

Japanese: Hello – こんにちは   Goodbye – さようなら

Korean: Hell0 – 여보세요     Goodbye – 안녕

Turkish: Hello – Merhaba   Goodbye – Güle güle


There are hundreds and hundreds of languages and here are only a few. You’ll learn that while traveling often saying hello is much easier than saying goodbye. Hopefully this helps you on your adventure!


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