Remembering your adventure

When you are traveling souvenirs are always a must. But unless you’re going off the path beaten , many of your souvenirs choices are probably made in a country different than where you are at.   Here are some inexpensive ways to remember your trip other than that key chain made in China but bought in Brazil.

#1: Buy a map of the country or state you are going to and get signatures from everyone you meet! This is a cool way to remember everyone you met on your adventure. It also could be a nice wall decoration, if you’re looking for something to make your room more worldly.

#2: Postcards. Postcards are relatively cheap where ever you go. Buy a postcard from every monument, national park, museum, etc. you go too. On the back write the date and a brief description of what you did and what you saw. Then when you get home you put them in a photo album and ta da! You have yourself a cheap, memorable scrapbook.

#3: One thing I always do on vacation is find a rock and bring it back home with me. Just make sure you label the rock with the year and location. After a while all rocks begin to look alike..

#4: Another thing I do every trip is take a picture of me doing the same pose. In Costa Rica one of the girls had the idea to stand with their feet shoulder width apart and arms raised up. Ever since then where ever I go I always recreate that photo with the scenery of my location. In the picture above I am recreating that photo in Bryce Canyon National Park, three years after my trip to Costa Rica.

Any traditions you have for remembering your trip? Tell me about them below!



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