Traveling Alone Via Airport

Traveling alone in an airport. This can be extremely nerve racking. Having no one familiar to talk too, never being able to go to the bathroom without a stack of luggage keeping you company, and never knowing who you are going to be sharing  a plane ride with. It is a hassle, especially when you’re a teenager traveling alone. Here are some tips I use to make my travel day a bit smoother.

#1: Always pay attention. Listening to music or watching Netflix is a great way to pass time. But make sure you have one earbud out so you can be aware of your surroundings. Also you want to listen for any announcements about delays or gate changes.

#2: Keep all your documents in one place. Passport, visa, boarding pass, ID, cash, credit cards. Everything. I recommend getting a folder or  a gallon sized plastic baggie to put it all in. Then through security and  customs you can pull it out and you’re ready to go! Just make sure you don’t leave it at security or customs… then you will have a problem. Keep your copies of important documents in a different location in case one you loose the originals.

#3: Bring your own snacks/meals. Pulling your luggage around and waiting in line for an overpriced granola bar is no fun. Plus if you’re waiting in line there is no one there to save you a seat. By the time you get out of the line there is a good chance all the outlets and seats will be taken. Then you’re stuck on the ground next to the bathroom. Yuck.

#4: If any of your travel plans go haywire, don’t panic. Just go to an employee and tell them you are a minor traveling alone. They will do everything they can to make sure you are taken care of. That includes a hotel room/place to crash if your flight gets super delayed.

#5: Always have a hold of your bags. Don’t ever let them sit alone. If you’re going to the bathroom then so are they. If you have to walk to the trash can, then they are going on a field trip. Yes, I know it is a pain. But it is better than getting your bag lost or stolen.

Any other tips you use while traveling in the airport? I’d love to hear them below!


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