Morning of Travel

The morning before you depart for a trip can often be stressful and chaotic. Here is a quick check list to help get things moving.

#1: Eat breakfast. You will need the energy if you are going to be ready for the day. Plus food is expensive while travelling, especially at airports.

#2: Run through your normal morning routine. Toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution.. Those are some of the little things people tend to forget. They are easily replaceable and not too expensive but you might as well save your money for those souvenirs!

#3: Travel documents. Double and triple check that you have everything! These are not easily replaceable and not having them can cancel your trip all together.

#4: Take pictures of all your luggage. Before you leave your home take pictures of all your suitcases and book bags and then email them to yourself. If you loose anything you can send the picture to your airline and it will be easier for them to return it to you. Make sure you email it to yourself in case you lose your phone as well.

#5: Pack an empty water bottle. This may sound strange but once through security you can fill up the water bottle at a fountain. This can save you from paying $6.00 for one water bottle. Or in my case $8.00 for orange juice (@Miami airport.)

#6: Last but never least, chargers! You don’t want to be stuck in an airport with a dying battery. Phone, laptop, iPod, iPad, surface, tablet, etc. If you have extra cords bring them. you never know when one will stop working or get the turtle neck of death.

Do you do anything special the morning of travel? Tell me about it below!


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