6 B’s of RYE

In my Rotary District before you go on exchange they give you a card with the 6 B’s on it. The B’s are supposed to help you have a successful exchange, grow as an individual, and help you overcome any challenges you may face. I am going to give you and example of a B that I personally completed and how I think it benefited me.

Be First. This has always been a challenge for me because I am a rather shy person but I’ve never let it interfere with my interest to travel independently (hence the blog name.) I used this B while at my German school on my first day of PE. I volunteered to high jump before everyone else even though I had never done it before. This was a big jump for me (mentally & physically) because sports aren’t exactly in my comfort zone. However, I am glad I did it because afterwards I was able to help another girl who was struggling and we were able to become friends.

Be Curious. I have always been a curious person so thinking of questions has never been difficult for me, asking them is. So, I channeled my curiosity and asked what a German word meant when ever I saw something that intrigued me. My curiosity helped me bond with my host family over poorly pronounced words and phrases.

Be on Purpose. This B helped me overcome culture shock. Every time I began thinking about home or my family I remembered my that I was in Germany to learn and grow, not to yearn for the place I was so eager to leave two weeks ago.

Be Grateful. This B also helped me overcome culture shock. I made a list of everything that I was grateful for and I immediately felt better. It also made me appreciate my host family even more.

Be of Service. I haven’t completed anything earth shattering with this B yet. But, I gave my seat on the bus to an elderly lady. It was a simple act of kindness and it made my day, as well as hers, better!

Be Here Now. I already wrote a blog post about being in the moment and enjoying the view. This is just an extension of that. I put my cell phone down and that made all the difference for me.
The 6 B’s have helped me on my exchange more than I imagined. If you’re having trouble adjusting to your new environment (or even your current one) try focusing on a B a day!


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