Positive Attitude 

When you’re in a foreign country or an unfamiliar place it is easy to get down in the dumps, especially if you are in the middle of Culture Shock. But a positive attitude can either make or break your trip. Attitude is solely based on you. You can let your surroundings effect your trip, or you can shape your trip into the vacation of a lifetime.

I use one of the 6 B’s , be grateful, to help my attitude. I also use be of service. Helping an elderly lady cross the street, a mom put groceries in her car, or even donating a dollar to a charity. No act of service is too small, but every act will help you improve your mood.

This post is more of a reminder how attitude effects your daily life and travel than an informational post. No one can tell you how to act, or how to improve your mood, you must take the initiative to do that yourself.


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