Enjoy the view 

Enjoying the view. This is can be difficult for me because I am always on the move or constantly doing something. It is practically impossible for me to sit still unless I have something to occupy my nerdy, haywire brain. This often seeps into my travel as well. I’m constantly moving towards the next museum, trail, or land mark and I never give my self a chance to enjoy the view/moment. Here are a few ways I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy the view.
Take a deep breath. This always helps me slow my never ending thoughts and helps me focus in on my surroundings.

Tap your foot. This may sound strange but it helps me calm that restless feeling that I need to be moving or doing something active.

Put the phone down! Yes, I’m probably sounding like your grandma but it really does help. Do you want to remember taking a snapchat of your beautiful amazing view, or actually enjoying that view in the movement? (Don’t get me wrong I love snapchat just as much as the next teenager, but sometimes you’ve got to put all technology aside.)

Look for details. Whenever I’m in a museum, church, castle, or even in the woods, I try looking for things other people easily skip over. Like finding a lion emblem on a Knights shield, or a tree that looks like a crippled ghost. (It also is a nice game to play if your tour guide is rather boring!)

I promise, taking a small bit of your time to stop and enjoy the moment/view makes your trip that much more memorable and a whole lot more fun!


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