Why Teens Should Travel

There are so many reasons why students should travel while they are teenagers. The life skills you learn, friendships you make, and experiences you get are life changing. I’m going to list a few of the many, many reasons why you should consider traveling abroad as a teenager.

1.) Learning a new language. Whether you go someplace for 2 weeks or a year you are doing to learn a different language. You may not become fluent, but speaking more than one language decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s and also improves your brain functions.

2.) Individual growth. You change so much while abroad. Being exposed to new ideas, cultures, languages, and beliefs helps you gain different perspecitives on life. It made me more open minded and less critical towards people.

3.) Leadership skills. That individual growth leads to being a better leader. Being a leader leads to helping other people grow individually as well.

4.) The experiences! How many people are able to say they rode a hot air balloon in England, picked strawberries in Germany, rode a camel in Ethiopia, played soccer with local children in Costa Rica, ate gelato in Montrèal? Every moment abroad is a new adventure.

5.) Cultural Exposure. The more time you spend away from your comfort zone or culture, the more understanding you become. You’re able to understand why the people say this, or wear that, or eat those, or believe in that religion.

As I said earlier there are many, many more reasons why you should travel as a teen. If this is something you are interested in and are having trouble convicting your parents check out my blog post Parental Permission.


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